17 May 2011

OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean Collection - Swatches & Review

Hey Lacquer Lovers! How is everyone's week going? I am officially counting down until my London/Paris vacation in July - 44 days to go! I decided I'm going to definitely do some nail polish shopping while I'm abroad - any ideas on international brands that are hard to find in the US? Would love some ideas on what to pick up!

As I'm sure you know, OPI recently released its Pirates of the Caribbean collection! The collection includes 6 new colors and the amazing silver shatter. 3 colors are super pale and typically not my style - Stranger Tides, Steady as She Rose, and Skull & Glossbones. Since these colors aren't up my alley, I decided to skip on them, and instead am reviewing the 3 bolder colors from the collection - Mermaids Tears, Planks A Lot, and Sparrow Me the Drama, along with silver shatter. The formula on these was okay, only requiring 2 coats, but did look a little streaky, so not quite the buttery application we all love. Read on!

Up first is Mermaid's Tears. This was my least favorite of the 3 polishes. I would describe Mermaid's Tears as a sea foam green creme. I just don't love this pastel green color on me. I think this color would pop against pale and olive skin tones, but washes out on me:

When I added the silver shatter, I definitely liked the manicure a lot more:

Up next is Planks A Lot. This is a light purple creme with blue undertones that seems to be in the middle of of the color spectrum between OPI's Do You Lilac It? (which is a very pale lilac) and Funky Dunkey, which is a darker rich purple cream. I loved this color a lot in the bottle, and expected to like it a lot on me, but when I put it on, it just didn't pop. I think that when I want this color, I'll find myself reaching instead for Funky Dunkey for that richer, deeper purple.

Sorry for the messy cuticles - by hour #2 of swatching, they were so dry!!

And again, silver shatter makes everything better:

Finally is the gem of the collection, Sparrow Me the Drama. I. Love. This. Color! SMtD is a beautiful bright pink creme that really popped against my skin tone:

And adding the silver shatter just made this color sparkle even more!

Sparrow Me the Drama is definitely the winner in my eyes from this collection, but don't be surprised if Mermaid's Tears shows up in a future manicure - I will learn to love soft pastel greens if it's the last thing I do!

What do you think? What are your favorites from the POTC Collection? Did you try any of the murky pastels I passed on? And how do you really feel about green nail polish? Sound off in the comments!

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