01 May 2011

Welcome & Introductions!

Welcome to my corner of the interwebz!

You may have made the mistake of assuming this is just another one of the umpteen beauty blogs on the web. Yes, you would be wrong, my friend. While there are great blogs out there that talk about beauty - I'm following a lot of them! - Polish & Tonic focuses on fabulous beauty options for women of color. I myself am a proud NW45 and while I love to read other beauty blogs, when I fall in love with a product, my first thought is 'but what will it look like on me?' Such is the peril of the olive or brown toned woman. My goal is for this blog to give women of color (or just more melanin) a place for reviews, ideas, and suggestions for beauty products that help them to look their best.

Bonus - if you live in Los Angeles, I'll talk a lot about great deals and steals I find, so maybe you can grab up some great items at great prices, or at least the new 'it' colors before everyone else has it.

I want a blog that readers love, so of course I want your feedback! If I'm doing something you like, holla back at ya girl! If you have special requests or want to put me on the find for something unique - I like a challenge! Just drop me a line!

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