16 May 2011

My Collection, or, This Obsession Is As Bad As I Think It Is

I love looking at pictures of other polish lover's collections! It's so comforting to know that I am not alone in my obsession. After going crazy this past weekend with my essie haul, I thought this is probably a good time to take pause and look at my collection to-date. So, here we go!

My OPI lovelies:

I'd like to say I love all of my children equally, but as any actual parent will tell you, that's so just a lie - this OPI collection gets my blood pumping more so than the others. None the less, there are still some jewels in here - essie, China Glaze, and Orly:

So many polishes, so little time! Either way, I'm putting myself on a diet - going to try to avoid buying any more polishes until June. Shouldn't be too hard, as I have plenty to keep myself busy!

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