30 May 2011

Last Night's Nails: OPI DS Coronation and An Essie Treat

Drink of the Night: Too many to count, but Sam Adams' Blackberry Witbier was #winning
Nail of the Night: OPI DS Coronation

Here at Polish & Tonic, 'Last Night's Nails' has become my weekly round-up of what I was wearing - and drinking - over the weekend. Notice that this post is coming very late on a Monday night - it was that awesome of a weekend! I hope you all enjoyed the Memorial Day holiday. I had a friend visiting from San Francisco, and my LA crew did it big with several parties and BBQs all weekend. Thank goodness I took tomorrow off to recover!

Since this weekend was more about daytime drinking and fun in the sun, I really wanted a manicure that really shined in bright daylight. I was wearing a dark gray dress for the main party Saturday , and decided to pick a color from the OPI Designer Series - Coronation. DS Coronation is a bright silver polish with crushed glass to give it a 'diamond-dust' glimmer. This particular polish was great at capturing light and reflecting a rainbow of color. This is 3 coats of DS Coronation (no topcoat):

Now, I know I normally do not discuss pedicures here (and would never force you guys to see pics of my feet! ewww), but I tried out a new pedicure this weekend that I absolutely loved and have to share. It's Too Too Hot from the essie Braziliant Summer 2011 collection. Too Too Hot is a bright red-orange creme that screams summer to me. I normally do not like to wear oranges as they tend to have a yellow undertone that does not match well with my coloring, but since TTH has a red undertone to it, I thought it was perfect. No piggies, I promise, so I swatched the polish on my hands for you to see; this is 3 coats of TTH (no topcoat) and apologies for the mangled pointer finger:

I am in LOVE with this color! I am not normally a hoarder - I prefer to have a lot of different colors/options as opposed to stocking up on bottles I love - but this may just be the first polish I for which I need a backup. That's how great I think it is!

essie Too Too Hot is currently available as a part of the essie summer 2011 collection Braziliant. You can find it at large retailers such at Target, CVS, and Walmart. OPI DS Coronation has been discontinued, but there are still a few bottles here and there. Put on you walking shoes and take some time to hunt it out at your local beauty salon or beauty supply store!

What do you think? Have you picked up any polishes from the essie Braziliant collection yet? Do you have any bling-y polishes like DS Coronation? And just how crazy did your Memorial Day weekend get? Sound off in the comments!

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