01 June 2011

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: CND Plumville

Hey everyone! Hope you all are ready for a fabulous Wednesday! I'm heading back to work this morning after a 4 1/2 day holiday, and I'm not looking forward to it! Fingers crossed that these next three days fly and then the weekend will be here!

For this week's pink manicure, I decided to try out a new (to me) brand, CND. A few years ago CND switched from a typical collection of hundreds of colors to their Colour & Effects collection - 50 colours and 15 effects that can be made into hundreds of combinations to make a different manicure each time. I had seen something similar with Wet Paint on ideeli last week, but was unfamiliar with the brand Wet Paint and decided not to buy. So, when I learned about the CND Colour & Effects, I had to try it out!

All 50 colors in the line are creme polishes - which we know are my fave! - and the 15 effects range from a pearl, shimmer, or sparkle (read: bling!) finish. For today's mani, I picked up Plumville, a warm pink-purple plum creme. It reminds me a lot of OPI Dim Sum Plum, but I think this is more purple/blue and Dim Sum Plum skews more pink.

Here's a look at the mani with just Plumville:

Great color, right? And let me tell you - this polish applied perfectly. CND is a thick buttery polish, and the brush was comfortable to work with, not too wide and not too firm. I couldn't believe it - fully opaque in just one coat! I did apply a second coat to a few nails, but it was mainly to get more coverage closer to the nail bed.

So what would happen when I applied the effect Ice Blue Shimmer over Plumville? Well, take a look:

And here's a close-up of the shimmer effect:

GORGEOUS! I love the blue sparkle the shimmer added to the mani!

The verdict - this mani is hot! I am so excited about both Plumville color and the Ice Blue Shimmer effect. Knowing my obsession, I'm tempted to go out and buy up all the other CND colors and effects, but I'm on a self-imposed ban for June - I have to save up money to snag some UK and France polishes when I go on vacation next month!

What do you think? Have you tried any of the CND colour & effects polishes yet? Which are your favorites? And can you just imagine the possibilities with these effects and the polishes already in your collection? Amazing!

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