21 June 2011

NOTD: Julep Natalie

Good Morning!

One of the reasons I'm such a nail polish addict is because I spend a lot of time online talking to other nail polish addicts and learning so much about polish! I'm always surprised at how much I don't know. I recently found an online community I love, and the ladies have completely opened me up to nail polish brands I'd never heard of (and never would) before. Yes, you have OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Zoya, Sally Hansen, and others, and all of these brands are good at some things and worse at others. But even beyond these major brands, there are some special polishes out there, and today's post is here to introduce you to a boutique brand out of the pacific northwest - Julep Nail Parlor.

I first learned about Julep from a blogger, and I have been in love with their bright colors ever since I first laid eyes on them. Julep (and most boutique brands) is a bit pricey - each polish retails for $14 for a 0.27 fl oz bottle (about 1/2 the size of what you get from OPI, Orly, etc. for almost twice the price). So a few weeks ago when Lucky Magazine had a deal of the day to pick up 4 Julep polishes for 60% off, you know I had to snatch some up!

The summer set came with four polishes: Amy, Helena, Natalie, and Jennifer. I have for you today Natalie, described as a bright 'honeysuckle pink' on Julep's site. Natalie is a beautiful pink with some orange tones - at first I thought it might be a pink-tinged coral, which is how it appears indoors/low lighting. However, after stepping outside this morning, I knew she was the bright pink as promised. The formula on Julep was really nice - I actually thought it went on a little thick, and I prefer slightly thinner polish. I had nearly full opacity in one coat, but put a second on just because. Take a look:

And here's an up-close shot of the polish:

Julep Natalie is definitely a keeper! Although, in the interest of full disclosure, because it applied so thick, I've already found 2 small chips in the mani after typing at work all day. Sadness! However, I'm still completely in love with this color and brand, and can't wait to take the other 3 colors out for a test drive!

What do you think? Have you tried other colors from Julep? Are you a fan of Julep, or any other boutique nail polish brands? And just how much are you willing to spend on a bottle of nail polish?

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