28 June 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge: No More War

Today I have for you one of my most favorite polishes that I purchased recently. I haven't gotten this excited for a polish in so long! Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War is the color that got me interested enough to buy RBL for the first time, and the perfect example as to why RBL is an amazing boutique brand. I wore this as a pedi a few weeks ago on my trip to Northern Cal, and I got so many comments on it!

If you talk to any polish addict, she's likely heard of RBL. When asked what makes RBL unique, one of the Family Feud-style top five answers will always be "the colors are so unique!" Only a handful of RBL polishes have ever been duped by another brand. RBL No More War is no different. It is the Hilary Swank of nail polish. (If you know me, you know that I joke that Hilary Swank is my favorite ugly pretty Hollywood actress - she's got some less-than-perfect features that make her absolutely pretty and interesting to look at. Cruel, but true.) No More War is like that - at first glance, you're going to love it or hate it; there is no in between, and likely there's no changing your mind. Check it out:

And I was doing a little drinky-drinky when swatching this polish, and thought it would be fun to snap a shot of the polish with my buttery chardonnay:

I am so surprised by how much I like this. No More War is a warm-toned color, which I normally stay away from. The first coat shows a lot of the yellow undertone, and 2 coats would have sufficed, but I used 3 coats for this mani just to really bring out the true beauty of this color. It's a conversation starter, definitely the most unique polish I own, and an absolute favorite!

What do you think? Is No More War ugly, pretty, or ugly-pretty? Do you have any out-there colors that no one has duped, but you polish on and stare at for days? What brand do you think makes the most unique colors? Sound off in the comments!

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