25 February 2012

China Glaze Fast Track

 Hi everyone!  How’s everyone’s weekend going so far?  The weather is GORGEOUS here in sunny SoCal, and I am trying to find something fun to do outdoors!  I always tell my friends and family that December – March is why I pay the ridiculous amount I do to live in SoCal – best weather, hands down!

Today for you I have quick mani that I’ve been wearing for the past few days, China Glaze Fast TrackFast Track is a part of the new Hunger Games collection.  Can I just tell you how excited I am for this movie?!?! I loved the books so much when I read them back in 2010, and it has been painful waiting this long to see the film!  Fast Track is a very warm and pale tan base with a stunning gold sparkle.  It feels almost like the gold is a micro glitter.  A little bumpy going on the nail, but nothing a thicker top coat couldn’t smooth out!  Fast Track is slightly sheer, and I used 3 coats for full opacity here.  I could have gotten away with 2, as the VNL (visible nail line) would have only been noticeable to me or another nail addict staring at my hands, but whatever – I had the time, so 3 it was!

Apologies for the minor tip wear.  Take a look!


I absolutely love Fast Track!  It is a great work-appropriate neutral, but that gold sparkle keeps this polish from ever being described as boring.  Definitely a keeper!

Fast Track and the rest of the polishes from the Hunger Games Collection should be available by mid-March at your regular beauty retailers.  They’re currently available online at sallybeauty.com, and I found Fast Track at my local beauty supply. 

What do you think about Fast Track?  Is it love at first sight?  Are there any other polishes from the Hunger Games collection that catch your eye?  I also bought Agro, and hope to have a review up for you in a few days.  Till then, sound off in the comments below!

21 February 2012

It’s On: The Polish & Tonic Blog Sale!

Thanks for visiting my blog sale!

Below are photos of all the polishes available through this sale.  Everything is sold as photographed; there are a few higher end polishes where I do not have the box, so if it's not in the photo, it's not available.  I've tried to price everything reasonably, primarily based on what I paid for it and the item's condition.  All prices are firm - please do not email me with barter offers as I will not be considering them.  This blog sale is open to US residents only. Sorry, no international orders, please!

If you'd like to see a short list of all the items available for sale, please see my spreadsheet here The spreadsheet also includes the condition of each polish:

(N) - New, never swatched/tested
(S) - Swatched on a nail wheel and/or hand
(U) - Used for at least 1 but not more than 5 manicures.

Ordering & Payment Information
Orders will be processed on a first-come, first served basis.

When you're ready to place an order, please email me at polishandtonic at gmail dot com.  To more efficiently process your order, please indicate your shipping preference when you email me (see options below).  If you do not include a preference, you will be invoiced for Standard Shipping.  I will then invoice you for the items and shipping through PayPal.  You will have 24 hours to make your payment. Any items not paid within 24 hours of invoicing will be released and made available again for sale.

I will regularly update the information below to let you all know what is pending sale, what has been sold, and what is still available.  Please be aware that I am the only person running this blog, and I do work a regular job Monday - Friday.  Please be considerate that it may take me a few hours to get back to you during the week, but I will respond! 

If you have any questions about my reputation as a seller, please see my profile on Makeup Alley or eBay.

Standard Shipping is $2.50 for the first item and $0.50 for each additional item.  Whenever possible, I ship USPS First Class Mail.  If you order over 5 items, your package will likely ship USPS Parcel Post (due to weight restrictions).  USPS Priority Mail Shipping is available. A small flat-rate box can hold up to 5 polishes (I'm a bubble-wrap fiend, and this is all I can usually fit!) for $5.50.

Regardless of shipping method, delivery confirmation will be provided to the buyer.

That's about it!  Thanks for taking time to check out my blog sale, and I hope you see something you like!

China Glaze: Ingrid (N-$4), Midtown Magic (S-$3), Make Some Noise (S-$3), Gaga for Green (N-$4)

China Glaze: BFF (N-$10), Wireless Top Coat (N-$10), Under the Boardwalk (N-$4), Zoya Dree (N-$4)

OPI: Servin Up Sparkle (N-$5), Roadhouse Blues (S-$4), Alpine Snow (S-$4), 
Russian Navy - Suede (N-$6)

OPI: Pedal Faster Suzi (S-$4), Red Lights Ahead...Where (N-$5), DS Sapphire (N-$12), 
Absolutely Alice (U-$25), Mad As A Hatter (U-$35)

Nubar: Black Polka Dots (N-$5), White Polka Dots (N-$5); 
Orly Preamp (N-$4), Mysterious Curse (N-$4)

Models Own: Grey Day (N-$3), In the Navy (N-$3); 
Nails Inc Brooke Street (U-$2), Queensgate Terrace (U-$2)

Color Club: Noveau Vintage (N-$2), Artsy Craftsy (N-$2); Sci-Fi (N-$2), Electro-Midnight (N-$2) 

Sally Hansen Model Behavior (N-$2), Mandarin Garnet (N-$2), 
Catrice Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans (N-$5), Joe Fresh Twilight (N-$5)

Essie Smokin Hot (U-$3); Wet N Wild Cougar Attack (N-$2) ; Mavala Maron Glace (N-$1); 
Hard Candy Pixie (N-$4); Fresh Paint Olive You (N-$2)

Barielle Lava Rock (N-$2), Accessorize Teal (N-$2); MAC Festive Finery (N-$8),   

NARS: Orgasm (no box) (U-$8), Mato Grosso (U-$8); Koh Lanta (N-$10); 
Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe (U - $12)   

OPI The Amazing Spider-man Mini Set (2 available) N - $8

Deborah Lippmann Run the World (Girls) Set: N - $35

07 February 2012

2012 Spring Flings: Dior Waterlily

Happy Tuesday!

Keeping in the spring fling trend, today I have for you another Spring 2012 release, Dior WaterlilyWaterlily was released as a part of the Garden Party collection.  It’s a pale green polish with a gorgeous green and silver shimmer.  As we know, Dior shimmers do not normally translate to the nail, but the shimmer in Waterlily did!  The formula was a little thicker than expected, but not too difficult to deal with.  This is two coats – check it out!

This polish is friggin’ GORGEOUS!  I’m always surprised when these pastel greens work on my skin tone, and this one is a total stunner for me!  Waterlily is a scented polish, and when it dries down it has a slight rose-tinged aroma.  I found it very pleasant, but then didn’t notice after the first hour or so.

Dior Waterlily is selling out fast! If you’d like to add it to your collection, I’d suggest doing it sooner rather than later.  I know its gone in and out of stock on Nordstrom.com, and I think on Saks.com as well.  It’s currently out of stock at Dior.com, but watch it – I expected a limited number of polishes may come back in stock.  You can also use my current favorite way to purchase Dior beauty products – call up Rachelle @ Dior Palazzo in Las Vegas at (702) 734-1102. She’ll totally take care of you if she has Waterlily in stock (and please mention Amber sent you!)

What do you think?  Are you feeling this pastel green dream?  Or is it not really your flavor?  Have you picked up the other polish from this collection, Forget-Me-Not?  I don’t have my hands on it yet, but hope to get it soon!

06 February 2012

2012 Spring Flings: OPI Holland Collection Part II

 Good morning!  Happy Monday!  Did everyone have a great weekend!  It was friggin’ GORGEOUS weather here in LA!  My friends and I had a blast at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica on Saturday, and then stayed over and partied it up all day Sunday.  It was a great weekend, I got absolutely nothing done that I needed to, but whatever – that’s what Monday mornings are for!

Today I have for you the remaining 3 shimmers from the OPI Holland Collection (you can see the first part of the collection here).  Again, I cannot give enough praise for this collection!  All of these six polishes are so incredibly amazing.

Up first is Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?  I mean, really, dutch ya just love the name of this polish?!?! LOL This is a deep red-based purple polish with a gold shimmer.  It was instantly a fave as soon as I saw promo pics, and the polish delivers in real life, too!  This mani is 2 coats of DYJLO.  Take a look!



Next is Gouda Gouda Two Shoes.  Mmmm, gouda.  Such a tasty cheese.  This is a light pinkish-rose tan colored polish with a gold shimmer (yea, I have no idea how to describe this color!).  This is a great neutral polish for work!  I didn’t really expect to like this one at all, as I do not typically wear these nude-colored polishes, but Gouda Gouda Two Shoes was a total surprise!  It’s probably my biggest surprise from the collection.  I’m glad I didn’t skip it, though, and can see myself reaching for it often for a great look at work!



The last shimmer in the collection is Wooden Shoe Like To Know, a medium-brown polish with gold shimmer.  This one is a total stunner!  The deepness of the base color keeps it a little edgy, but on my skintone particularly, it’s still somewhat neutral and safe for work.  I also love that it’s not so dark that it goes into vampy territory – a perfect brown for spring and summer!



And there you have it!  Of all six shimmer, I’d have to say I Have A Herring Problem is my absolutely fave, with Wooden Shoe Like To Know a close second.  These are all great polishes, though, and I think a great addition to any polish addict’s collection!

The OPI Holland collection will be available beginning this Thursday, February 8, at your regular OPI retailers, including Ulta, JC Penny’s and beauty retailers.  Each polish retails for $8.50 for a 0.5 fl oz bottle. 

What do you think of the OPI Holland Collection?  Are you as crazy as I am for the shimmers?  Did any of the crème polishes in the collection catch your eye?  Sound off in the comments below!

04 February 2012

2012 Spring Flings: OPI Holland Collection Part I

Happy Saturday!  What’s everyone up to this weekend?  I’m heading out to Santa Monica later to help celebrate my one of my bestie’s birthday.  I’ll also be having a few extra drinks to celebrate the end of the graduate school application process!  Yay!  After 4 long months, the tests are done, the scores are in, and the applications have been submitted!  Now I’m just twiddling my thumbs till March, when I’ll find out where I’ve been accepted!

Today I have for you the first swatches of the collection I’ve most been obsessing for this spring, the OPI Holland Collection.  I have been drooling over the swatches on the blogosphere for the past few weeks, and now, they are mine!  I’m so happy!  The collection is made up of six shimmers and six cremes.  The shimmers are what really had me excited, so I’m going to show you three today, and the three others tomorrow.  Read on!

Up first is I Don’t Give A Rotterdam.  Such a cute name!  IDGAR is a light blue base with a gorgeous silver shimmer.  The base reminds me a lot of a periwinkle blue.  Seriously, OPI outdid itself with these shimmers!  This is 3 super thin coats of IDGAR.  I could have gotten away with 2 slightly thicker coats, but I’m in the habit of 3 coats to avoid peeling, so that’s what I did.  Please excuse any bumpiness on my nails – they’re peeling – bleh! – but it's not bubbles in the polish.  Take a look!



The next shimmer is I Have A Herring Problem.  This polish is a slightly smoky teal base with a rose gold shimmer.  Again, stunning!  At first I constantly thought this was really close in color to I Don’t Give A Rotterdam, but now that I have them side-by-side, they are two distinct polishes for sure.  Again, this is 3 thin coats of IHAHP:



The third polish I have for you today is Pedal Faster Suzi!, a soft, slightly muted pink with a silver shimmer.  The shimmer is similar to the same silver glory in I Don’t Give A Rotterdam.  At first I wasn’t very interested in Pedal Faster Suzi!, but since I was buying the other shimmers, I thought I’d pick this one up as well – my OCD strikes again!  I’m glad it did, though, as I loved this polish!  It is a soft pink, but the slightly grayed tone to the color keeps it from being too safe.  This is definitely a fun polish for work!




And there you have it!  The first 3 of 6 shimmers from the new OPI Holland collection!  Are you loving these polishes as much as I am?  Of the three here, I Have A Herring Problem is probably my favorite, but I seriously love all three of these and am happy to welcome them to my collection!

The OPI Holland collection will be available beginning this Thursday, February 8, at your regular OPI retailers, including Ulta, JC Penny’s and beauty retailers.  Each polish retails for $8.50 for a 0.5 fl oz bottle.

What do you think of the collection so far?  Sound off in the comments below!