07 February 2012

2012 Spring Flings: Dior Waterlily

Happy Tuesday!

Keeping in the spring fling trend, today I have for you another Spring 2012 release, Dior WaterlilyWaterlily was released as a part of the Garden Party collection.  It’s a pale green polish with a gorgeous green and silver shimmer.  As we know, Dior shimmers do not normally translate to the nail, but the shimmer in Waterlily did!  The formula was a little thicker than expected, but not too difficult to deal with.  This is two coats – check it out!

This polish is friggin’ GORGEOUS!  I’m always surprised when these pastel greens work on my skin tone, and this one is a total stunner for me!  Waterlily is a scented polish, and when it dries down it has a slight rose-tinged aroma.  I found it very pleasant, but then didn’t notice after the first hour or so.

Dior Waterlily is selling out fast! If you’d like to add it to your collection, I’d suggest doing it sooner rather than later.  I know its gone in and out of stock on Nordstrom.com, and I think on Saks.com as well.  It’s currently out of stock at Dior.com, but watch it – I expected a limited number of polishes may come back in stock.  You can also use my current favorite way to purchase Dior beauty products – call up Rachelle @ Dior Palazzo in Las Vegas at (702) 734-1102. She’ll totally take care of you if she has Waterlily in stock (and please mention Amber sent you!)

What do you think?  Are you feeling this pastel green dream?  Or is it not really your flavor?  Have you picked up the other polish from this collection, Forget-Me-Not?  I don’t have my hands on it yet, but hope to get it soon!


  1. That polish is so pretty! Not sure if I find it unique enough to splurge on though.

  2. i love the soft greens.
    fyi - you're popular on Pinterest =p

  3. @Leticia - Thanks! I really wanted Waterlily after I saw comparison swatches to Chanel Jade - they're really close, and I'd never pay the crazy eBay prices for Jade ($300 for a polish? WTF?!?!). I actually like the shimmer in Waterlily better than Jade, too, so even better!

  4. @superaly - Thanks! You're the bestest bestie ever! Haha