19 January 2012

Last (Sunday) Night’s Nails: Holo Edition!

 Hi Everyone!  Happy almost weekend!  I hope some of you are enjoying shorter weeks, with the MLK holiday this past Monday.  I am wrapping up business school applications, which are all due next week.  Can’t wait to be done with this phase of the process!  I have still been taking photos of my manis, so I have tons of polishes to show you, and just need to do some serious blogging to catch up!

Last Sunday was divisional playoff weekend for the NFL, and since my team the Pittsburgh Steelers are out, I decided to cheer for the NY Giants (whom I hope will lose to the SF 49ers this weekend! I’m such a fickle bandwagon fan).  To celebrate the Giants while drinking beer with friends, I whipped out a fantastic blue holographic polish, Make Up Store SIW.  This polish was a gift to me from a friend, and let me tell you, the holo is eye-popping!  I used Nfu Oh Aqua Base as a base coat, 2 coats of SIW, and CND Super Shiney to top it off.  Even with top coat, all this holo glory!  Take a look!

Can you say va-va-VOOM!  OMG, this polish was amazing!  I actually wore it for a few days after, and I never wear these bling-y polishes to work!  This may just be my favorite holo I own.

The only sad thing about this mani is that I can’t run out and buy all the other holo polishes from Make Up Store!  Unfortunately, it looks like it’s a Swedish company, and they only have one store in the US, in Denver, CO.  No online shop, no shipping from the store.  Le sigh.  If you’re lucky enough to be near Denver, definitely head over and snatch these up!  For me, I’ll just wait till the next time I fly Pittsburgh, and plan an extra long layover at Denver airport.  Ha!