08 June 2011

On Wednesday We Wear Pink: essie Pink Parka

Happy Wednesday!

I'm currently still rocking Zoya Jules for my manicure, so today's Pink Wednesdays is brought to you by my pedicure, essie Pink Parka. How I came to own Pink Parka is kind of an interesting story, so bear with me...

Recently J. Crew had an add which stirred up quite a bit of conversation - check it out below:

Now, everyone had their panties all up in a twist, discussing the appropriateness of what appears to be a mom painting her son's toes a bring neon pink. In some forums it started a whole dialogue on whether polish is appropriate for men, and the one thing I did learn was that there are bold men who actually do wear nail polish colors. More power to them; my (less popular) point of view is that nail polish is one of the few things we women can share and revel in on our own, so while I'll always give props to the guy in the spa chair next to mine getting a nail polish color on his piggies, the odds that I'll ever date him are pretty nil.

Whoa, tangent - on to today's manicure! The pink polish used in the J. Crew add was a limited edition made by essie and only sold at J. Crew stores. Of course that sucker sold out lickety-split, so I took to the interwebz to try and find a dupe. Thanks to other nail bloggers and polish aficionados, I heard that essie Pink Parka may be a dupe, so I picked up a bottle.

Pink Parka
is a neon pink ,which means it is a naturally streaky polish and dries with a slight satin finish. essie's normal streaky + neon streaky = this polish was hell to put on my piggies! Even after 3 coats it hadn't completely smoothed out, but since my pedis are more for my own personal enjoyment (I don't wear a lot of open-toes at work), I didn't fret about it. As a favor to you my readers I don't post pics of my feet, so here's a swatch of Pink Parka on my hand:

I thought this was a very fun color for a very conservative company like essie, and it's the only neon in my collection, which makes it a keeper. However, the application was a real PITA, so I won't be reaching for Pink Parka on too regular of a basis - I'll save it for special occasions that require bright pinks, like the upcoming Grease Sing-a-Long at the Hollywood Bowl!

What do you think? Do you have any neon polishes that you love? What other brands of neons have you tried (I've got my eye on the American Apparel collection!)? And am I completely off base with loving my mani/pedis as a girl's experience, and not wanting my guy wearing my little beauties?

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