08 May 2011

OPI Dating A Royal + Kate Spade = Love.

Happy Sunday! It's a cool day here in LA, but still gorgeous out, so I'll be finding some excuse in a bit to get me outside. Hope you're enjoying the day before the work week kicks in again tomorrow!

The bold color I decided to test drive this weekend was OPI's Dating A Royal. Everyone was chattering about this color over the past weeks leading up to the royal wedding, and when I saw this bright royal blue, I had to snatch up a bottle! Dating A Royal is a creme finish. In bright sunlight, the purple undertones shined through, but indoors, it's a pure royal blue - so beautiful!

Here's a shot of Dating A Royal in sunlight:

And another indoor shot, with flash:

Verdict: I LOVE Dating A Royal, and will be sporting it frequently. As I was heading out yesterday with the girls to see Something Borrowed, I had a thought that Dating A Royal was a similar blue to my recent favorite purchase, Kate Spade's La Casita Camden in Blueberry. I pulled out my KS and took a few shots to compare the bag with my nails.

Kate Spade La Casita Camden in Blueberry:

OPI Dating A Royal + KS:

Absolutely friggin' GORGEOUS!!! I love love loved this look! I'm not sure if it's a faux pas to match one's nails to one's handbag, but I don't care - I will be sporting these two together all day, every day.

What do you think? Do you have any polishes that go exceptionally well with a handbag? Or am I crazy for matching the two together? Weigh in!

(Oh, and for the record, Something Borrowed was really cute! Way better than the reviews it's getting from critics. If you love a good RomCom, definitely go see it!)

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