12 August 2011

Nails Inc Week: Hyde Park Gate

Happy Friday, Polish Fanatics! Anyone have exciting plans for the weekend? I'm heading out on the town tonight, but then three words will dictate the rest of my weekend: Must. Start. Packing. My big move is less than 3 weeks away - eek!

Today I have for you a bright polish Nails Inc. Hyde Park Gate. Hyde Park Gate was a limited edition release polish in the UK, so it didn't arrive stateside in the recent US launch. HPG is a bright green creme, so bright it's almost neon. This is not normally my style of color, but in the bottle it looked like it would be a soft minty green, a la Essie Mint Candy Apple. Was I surprised! While bright colors like this typically have streaking issues, I was able to get HPG on my nails with an easy 2 coats.

Just to give you an idea of HPG's near-neon finish, check this out:

It was so bright! I put HPG on before I went to last Saturday's Angels game vs. the Mariners in OC. It was a night game, but I wasn't sure what was illuminating the ballpark more - the overhead lights, or this polish. I already don't love greens on me, and HPG did not help their case. To the Helmer swap/share drawer it goes!

What do you think? It's too bright, right? Or do you like bright, neon finishes? And what polishes have you picked up that looked one color in the bottle, and was completely different on the nails (please, warn me!)?

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