08 August 2011

Nails Inc Comes to America!

Hello Everyone!

I heard the best news a few weeks ago, and have been waiting for the perfect time to share it with you all! Remember my recent trip to London and Paris? Well, when I was there, my primary goal (besides drinking like a local and shopping like I couldn't spell r-e-c-e-s-s-i-o-m) was to pick up one of the hottest UK nail polish brands, Nails Inc. I journeyed over to the Nails Inc. flagship store off Bond Street and had the best time with the ladies in the shop. They were impressed that I ventured out specifically to see them and buy some Nails Inc. polishes, and that I had brought packaging on my trip to safely ship my new beauties home with me. My Nails Inc. haul is still one of the highlights of the trip, but I was sometimes sad to sing their praises, knowing you all couldn't easily find the brand in the US.

Well, lo-and-behold, friends, your Nails Inc. deprived days are over! Nails Inc. polishes are now available in the US! How friggin' awesome is this! A few weeks ago Michelle at All Lacquered Up did a fantastic review of the Nails Inc. US launch - definitely check it out. To quickly summarize, Nails Inc. is on sale now at certain Sephora locations across the US and online at sephora.com. This initial launch includes 40 of their most popular colors, crystal cap colours (read: blinged out polishes!), special effects 3D glitters, and the current craze, crackle colors!

Nails Inc. polishes retail at Sephora starting at $9.50 for a 0.5 fl oz bottle. I kinda feel bad for our UK fanatics - Nails Inc. retails there for approximately £11 ($18USD), and I was really surprised by the low price point when the polish launched stateside. (Note to my UK readers: PLEASE venture to the Nails Inc. flagship store on South Molton Street - you can get such great deals there if you buy several polishes, way better than the £11 each pricing in department stores!)

To celebrate the arrival of Nails Inc. in the grand old U-S-of-A, we are going to celebrate Nails Inc. Week at Polish & Tonic! Yes, that's right my friends, all entries this week are going to be reviews of the fabulous colors from Nails Inc. - nudes and greens and blues and pinks, oh my!

I hope you all are as excited - or getting there! - as I am about Nails Inc. coming to the US. If you're not, you will be by the end of Nails Inc. Week! Hang around here for reviews on some of the US and UK exclusive colors, and when you see something you like, hop on over to Sephora to check out a few polishes - I promise you won't be disappointed!

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