06 August 2011

Announcing the Julep Maven Program!

Good Morning! I have another polish post coming to you later today, but this morning I wanted to catch you all up on one of the best new ideas in nail polish that launched this month, the Julep Maven Program! I have been singing the praises of Julep Maven to anyone who will listen to me all week, and now I want to share with my readers the latest opportunity to dig your tips and toes into Julep polishes!

Julep Maven is an opportunity for Julep fans to receive their own Sneak Peek Box that Julep sends out to beauty editors and celebrity trendsetters every month to showcase current favorites and upcoming products available from Julep. Yes, the same exact products send to editors at Vogue, W, InStyle, Marie Claire, and more! Each Sneak Peek Box is tailored to your unique style and preferences - when you sign up, you'll need to take a fun style quiz to help Julep understand your personal style, skin type, and beauty concerns. It's a totally fun quiz, I promise! (Although, it may stump you - how can anyone choose between Bradly Cooper, George Clooney, and Robert Pattinson?!? I wanted an option to select 'all of the above'!)

To give you an idea, I took the style quiz Julep determined that my personal style is "Classic With A Twist":

'Classic and elegant, this timeless look is most famous for beautiful yet simple cuts and colors. You love to wear fine, natural fabrics that accentuate your prestigious leather accessories, and you are most often drawn to polished sophisticated hues. This timeless, iconic look exudes effortless couture and is always profoundly in style.'

I thought this description matched my personal style perfectly! One of my favorite movies of all time is Breakfast At Tiffany's, and I love Holly Golightly's style - refined beauty, pearls, and of course the classic Chanel little black dress (I did quit the smoking, though!). I won't spoil the surprise for my readers who haven't taken the style quiz yet, but let's just say I am thrilled with the sample of colors Julep will include in the CWAT Sneak Peek Box, as well as the actual polishes and products selected for my first month. Look for a blog post next week once I receive my Sneak Peek Box, showing you all the goodies inside!

Julep Maven is an awesome value, as Maven members receive over $40 worth of product each month for just $19.99. And between the polishes, nail treatments, and or hand care products you'll receive, the program is definitely worth it (this month's box alone is worth over $70!).

You can sign up for Julep Maven by visiting the Julep website and taking a short style quiz. The quiz will help Julep determine what type of Maven you are, show you samples of colors that will be sent to you, as well as the goodies you'll receive in your first Sneak Peek Box. The August boxes are currently shipping and include one of Julep's new fall colors that will be released in October, so hop on over to Julep now to sign-up!

What do you think? Are you excited for the Julep Maven program? Do you like these subscription programs that let you explore a new polish brand? And if you signed up, what kind of Maven are you?

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