23 August 2011

Models Own Lemon Meringue

Good Afternoon! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and start to the work week! Sorry for the radio silence here at Polish & Tonic for the past few days - moving day is fast approaching (next Thursday! eek!), and my hands are taking a beating from all packing! I hopefully should be back in full capacity around Labor Day weekend, but until then, I'll hit you guys up with some new polish looks when I can!

Since I'm so excited about the Models Own 50% off sale currently underway, I thought what better way to get you excited than to give you another Models Own swatch! Today I have for you Models Own Lemon Meringue. Lemon Meringue is one of the polishes I picked up during my London-Paris vacation last month (gosh, it seems forever ago!) and is completely a-typical for me. I know I own one other yellow, but that's it in my entire collection! Lemon Meringue is a soft buttery yellow creme. As can be expected from yellow polishes (and probably why I don't own many), this went on quite streaky. I applied 3 thin(ner) coats, and you can still see some of the bumpy and unevenness on the nail. Take a look!

Now, you probably thought I was going to send Lemon Meringue to the swap/share drawer, didn't you? WRONG! Even for all of its issues, there's still something about this color that has me falling in love. There are a few nails that with 3 coats didn't have the streakiness, so I'm inclined to think if I had more time (I threw this on before work this morning) I could make Lemon Meringue look something special on my nails. I'm keeping it for now!

Lemon Meringue is currently available on the Models Own website. All Models Own products are currently 50% off on the website with code FIFTYFIFTY. The sale runs through 8/29, but get over there early to make sure they have all the colors you want in stock!

What do you think? Do you have any yellow polishes without the streaking issues? Do you like your yellows bright, or are these pastel, soft shades better on you? And what polishes are you haulin' from the Models Own sale?

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