16 August 2011

Models Own Coral Reef & Facebook Giveaway!

Hey Polish Fanatics!

Today I have for you a color I wore a little while ago, right after my Va. Beach trip. I had to get GOSH Ocean off my toes - hated it! - and so reached for a tried-and-true color, coral. What did I grab? Models Own Coral Reef. This is probably a new brand to a lot of you, as Models Own is a UK polish; sadly, no US stores carry it - yet (fingers crossed!). But don't worry, I'll tell you at the end of the post how you can get your American hands on some Models Own polish on the cheap!

Coral Reef is a strong orange-based coral polish. Most corals I wear tend to be a cooler, leaning towards pink, so Coral Reef was definitely out of my comfort zone. I initially wore this as a pedi, and at first I was not impressed with the Models Own formula - it went on very streaky, and even at 3 coats I didn't think I had full, even coverage. Luckily, it might have been more operator error than actual crappy formula, as this mani is 2 coats and applied very well. Still some streakiness, but not as much as I remembered. Take a look!

(pardon my crappy middle finger - I was doing some nail repair and got super glue all over myself! ugh!)

Hmm. I definitely don't hate Coral Reef, but I'm not sure I love it, either. I'm tempted to keep it in my collection for awhile and give it another chance... but then I remind myself life is too short and there are too many awesome polishes out there begging for my love and attention. Swap! Keep! Swap! Keep! I have no idea.

Models Own polishes, including Coral Reef, are available on the Models Own website starting at £5 (approx. $8 USD). They ship internationally for a flat £9.95 (approx. $16 USD). Here's the really good news - Models Own is currently having a Facebook promotion to reach 50,000 'likes' by the end of August! If they hit 50,000, Models Own will have a sitewide 50% off sale!! So, if you haven't yet, head on over to the Models Own FB page to like it! They currently have a little over 42,000 likes, and based on what I've been following, they'll probably hit the 50,000 in another week or sooner. Definitely check it out!

What do you think? Should I keep Coral Reef, or let it go? What are your Models Own must-have colors? And have you headed over to the Models Own FB paged to like it yet? We need to get to 50,000 people - I need a sale!

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