19 May 2011

The Untried Diaries: Essie Sand Tropez

I love nail polish, but ask anyone who knows me personally, and they'll tell you I love one thing more - a good deal. I am the ultimate deal shopper. I'm not like those ladies on Extreme Couponing who stock up on years and years of supplies for $0.50 that they may never use (unless nail polish counts!), but I definitely stopped paying retail for anything a few years ago, and it's rare for me to buy anything online or in person unless it's discounted or I have a coupon. Money is tight, yo, and this is how I maintain my standard of living in a tighter economy.

So in my recent nail polish shopping, I've been finding so many good deals that yesterday I took count and realized I now own more nail polish that I haven't worn than those I do. That's kinda sad. So here is the first entry in The Untried Diaries, my attempt to wear all the great (or maybe not so great?) polishes I've bought to figure out what really should stay in my personal collection, and what maybe should go.

The first entry in The Untried Diaries is essie Sand Tropez. Can you tell I have been loving me some essie recently? I can't believe I've never worn their polish before last week - I am so in love with their colors! essie gets a bad rep as only being sheers/nudes/pinks (read: conservative) but I've found so many vibrant colors in their line, normally in their limited edition collections. Sand Tropez, however, is a conservative safe-for-work nude, one that I wasn't sure how it would look on me. The color is a very pale and buttery tan. It applied very streaky, but after 3 coats had smoothed out nicely.

Indoor, natural lighting, with flash

The longer I look at this color on me, the more I love it! I think this is a perfect everyday nude color. I'll definitely be keeping this one nearby for frequent use. essie Sand Tropez was released as a part of the essie Spring 2011 collection (A French Affair), and is still available at salons and retailers (Target, CVS, Walmart, etc.). I found this with a 50% off sticker at CVS, so you may want to check there first!

What do you think? Will you be picking up a bottle of Sand Tropez? What's your favorite nude polish? And just how big is your collection of untrieds? Sound off in the comments!

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