06 May 2011

Pretty In Pink

Happy weekend, everyone! If you're a 9-to-5'er like me, the next 48 hours are bliss. Any good plans?

For as badass as I try to act, I am 100% girlie underneath the facade. I love a bright pink nail polish like no one else! Bold colors are almost always flattering on brown shades - you just have to find the right color that matches your personality. For me - that shade is pink. If it's electric pink, I can rock it any time, anywhere.

Lucky for me, I happened to catch a warehouse sale a few weeks ago and snagged a bottle of OPI You're Such A Kabuki Queen from the Japanese Collection (circa 2005, maybe? I'm not sure when the collection released). You're Such A Kabuki Queen is a beautiful bold creme, a bright pink tinted with blue undertones.

I love this color!!! I seriously was distracted all day at work because I kept admiring my nails. I was actually nervous I may like You're Such A Kabuki Queen even more than my regular go-to bright pink, OPI Flower-to-Flower from the 2010 Summer Flutter collection. I didn't think they were dupes, but had to try them out side-by-side and see how they compared. Check it out:

Pointer and ring fingers have Flower-to-Flower; middle and pinky sport YSAKQ.

One big difference between the polishes was application - You're Such A Kabuki Queen applied like a dream (I barely needed a second coat), while Flower-to-Flower was very thin and streaky. Both polishes are applied with 2 coats in the pictures, but if I was doing a full manicure with Flower-to-Flower I'd be seriously tempted to do a third coat for full opacity and even coverage. Either way, I love both colors for different reasons, and am happy to see their not dupes. Both are definite keepers and will be getting a lot of rotation this summer!

FYI, OPI discontinued You're Such A Kabuki Queen at the end of 2010. I haven't seen it available at major retailers, so your best bet is to take a trip to a local beauty salon and see if they still have any available. Happy searching!

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