14 February 2013

Chanel’s Fashion Night Out 2012: Delicatesse

 Oh wow, two posts in one week!  I promise it’s not a sign of the apocalypse, haha.  I just was going through my computer and realized I have so many manicures that I photographed and never wrote about! 

Today I have for you the second polish from Chanel for last September’s Fashion Night Out, Chanel DelicatesseDelicatesse is a beautiful blend of rose, mauve, and brown and is a perfect neutral that didn’t fade into the background when I wore it.  The formula was great and buttery, as to be expected from Chanel.  This is two coats of Delicatesse.

This first photo may not be the best angle of Delicatesse, but I loved how it looked in front of the burnt red wall.


Here is Delicatesse in sunlight.


And another close-up of the color.  See what I mean about complementing my skin tone without fading into the background, a la mannequin hands?


Similar to Chanel Infidele, I found Delicatesse to not be the most unique color but a welcome addition to my collection.  I’ve worn manicure a few times and I find it to be a great neutral option for the work week.  Delicatesse was a limited edition release for Fashion’s Night Out, but is still available online at Chanel.com (it was also sold at Chanel boutiques, but I think it’s sold out in stores for the most part now).  Chanel Delicatesse retails for $27/bottle (thanks for the price increase, Chanel!  Sheesh!).

What do you think?  Do you own Chanel Delicatesse, or any of the polishes released for Fashion Night Out 2012?  I would love to hear your thoughts – sound off in the comments!


  1. Fashion Night is Love

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