11 February 2013

Chanel Diwali

It’s a new year, and one change I’ve made lately when it comes to beauty is to focus on quality over quantity.  After spending some major $$ over the past few years exploring every brand under the sun, I finally have an idea of which products from which brands work well with my skin, so I’m focusing now on sticking with those favorites and taking it easy on the exploration of random brands/products.  Yea, $40K tuition will take the wind out of makeup hauls.  On the nail front, I’ve significantly cut down my collection and this year am pretty much limiting new purchases to my favorite brands only – Chanel and Dior.

Chanel Diwali is a limited edition release from the Bombay Express de Chanel which I think was released last fall.  It’s a pale champagne gold with an incredibly smooth texture.  Last December I was looking for a great gold for the holidays, and after searching swatches and swatches I went for the pale gold of Diwali instead of the intense yellow gold of Chanel Gold Fingers.  These swatches are 3 very thin coats of Diwali; I certainly could have left it at 2 coats, but wanted to get full coverage on the nail.  The polish was amazing applied, and gave me such a glamorous feel on my nails.

Here’s Diwali on a bright, sunny morning (apologies for my nails, they’ve been breaking like crazy this winter):


I don’t know which I loved more on this day – the polish or the great weather! Days like this are why I endure the craziness of life in Los Angeles.


The next photo was taken in the shade, and best shows off the texture of Diwali on the nail:

I simply adore Chanel Diwali.  I haven’t had a polish get me this excited in awhile.  It was great for the holidays, and I know I’ll be bringing it out in the spring and summer, just as soon as flip flop and summer dress season is upon us.  Diwali is a limited edition release and is only available at Chanel boutiques and Chanel.com.  It is slightly more pricey than regular Chanel polish (I think this was $28 or $29) but completely worth it in my opinion. 

Do you have Chanel Diwali?  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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