26 April 2012

Dior Les Rouges: Icone

 Hey Everyone!  I hope you weren’t thinking (or hoping) I would get off the Dior train… I don’t know what it is, but I’m having such a love affair with the fashion house right now!  I was in Las Vegas this past weekend, and even put a stop at the Dior Beauty boutique at the Palazzo Hotel & Casino on my itinerary – because we all know nail polish is serious business! Haha.  I think this Dior affair will go on at least for another week (ahem, until my Rescue Beauty Lounge fan collection polishes arrive!!)

Last summer Dior released an exclusive collection named Les Rouges (not to be confused with Les Rouges Or, the holiday 2011 collection) that included 3 red nail polishes that celebrated the signature reds of the House of Dior.  I missed out on this collection when it was first released, but with persistence I’ve managed to get my hands on all 3 polishes!  The first polish I have for you today is Dior IconeIcone is a dark reddish-brown polish with a gorgeous red shimmer.  Unlike some other Dior polishes, the shimmer in Icone is prevalent and gorgeous to the eye both in sunlight, shade, and artificial lighting.   Icone was a dream to work with, and I only needed 2 coats for this mani.  It’s absolutely stunning!


Here’s a close-up  of Icone.


And another pic, just because it’s so pretty.  Icone wore really well and I could have gotten exceptionally long wear out of it, if I hadn’t spent 7 hours Saturday in the lazy river at the MGM Grand.  Chlorine will kill a mani, always!


Dior Icone was a limited edition release from the Les Rouges collection last summer.  It sold out nearly instantly, so if you really like this one, happy hunting!  You may be able to find a bottle through the interwebz or a swap from another fanatic!

What do you think?  Is Icone as unique as I think it is, or do you have something similar in your own collection?  Were you able to snatch up any of the Les Rouges polishes for the 10 minutes they were available?  And most importantly… what’s your favorite Vegas pool?  Sound off in the comments below!

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