09 April 2012

April Beauties: What I'm Lovin'

Hi Everyone!  I know, long time, no post!  I'm still alive, I promise - just doing some soul-searching about this space, how I want to use it, and thinking about what's the story I want to tell.  I've done a lot of purging of my nail polish collection lately, mainly because I was overwhelmed by how much I had and would never reasonably use. I'm happy(er) with my collection these days, but as everything I've kept I've pretty much already blogged about, it makes me think... what's left to talk about?

The answer is - a lot of stuff!  I'm just going to take some time to explore blogging about other beauty topics (and yes, still polish!) and what's going on in this crazytown known as L.A., and hopefully there's still something here that resonates with you, my readers.

We're only 9 days into the month of April...and I've already blown my beauty budget.  Well, not blown it really, but definitely used up all the funds I budget for beauty products. Ha!  I've been really exploring blushes lately.  Back in 2008, a friend and MUA introduced me to my holy grail blush - MAC Ambering Rose.  It's a fantastic rose blush with gold shimmer, and with MAC MSF in Gold Deposit it gave me the best natural glow.  Well, last fall I decided to start trying out new NARS blushes, which just unleashed this whole new love I didn't know I had!

New blushes and highlighters by MAC, Milani, and Sleek Makeup are just a few of the things I'm hauling this month.  Take a look at what else has caught my eye!

Milani Baked Blush in Corallina.  Ugh, how I wished there was a stock photo so I could show this to you!  Corallina is a bright orange coral blush with gorgeous yellow and white gold veining.  It was absolutely stunning in the pan, and delivered when I rocked it all day Saturday at a beer festival!  I am no good at swatching - I've never done it before - but I swear I'm gonna learn, just so I can show you all this blush.  It's stunning.  And it's killing me to not run back to CVS and buy every other blush in the collection.

 MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighters.  You guys, I have to tell you - I have a highlighter fetish.  I LOVE them - they're my secret to always looking so warm and glowy.  When bloggers first started reviewing these, I had to have Glorify, the bronze-y one of the trio (especially as I'd just used up my MSF in Gold Deposit).  I also took a chance on Whisper of Gilt, a lighter yellow-gold color, but I have a feeling it's going back.  I would keep it, but I recently discovered....

Sleek Makeup Blush By 3 Cheek Palette and Glo Highlighters.  Sleek Makeup is a UK drugstore brand that I had never heard of until I found some great brown-skinned beauty bloggers like The Glamorous Gleam how have turned me on to what I've been missing. I've heard that Sleek blushes are highly pigmented (a la NARS), which is manna in the desert to a brown-skinned girl, for sure.  Since I had to pay $10 shipping, I decided to make this order worth it and picked up the Blush By 3 Cheek Palette in Pumpkin and Lace, as well as the Glo Highlighters in Bronze Baby and Gold Digga (I told you I had a highlighter problem).  Can't wait for these beauties to make their way across the pond and cross country to my eager hands!

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 4.  I. KNOW! I am soooo late to the UD BOS4 party!!  Let's be honest - this palette got less than stellar (but still average) reviews, and at $64 a pop, I wasn't having it!  However, UD recently reduced the price to $29 for BOS 4 in their sale section (and you can get it even cheaper today on Hautelook - just $24!).  Well, at that price I had to jump on BOS!  I haven't tried any shadows yet... I've picked it up twice now to try to create looks for certain occasions, but then I ended up putting it back down and opting for other eyeshadows.  An omen?  I sure hope not!  (Also, if you're shopping the UD sale section, also pick up the Rollergirl palette - it's only $13!)

That's it... for now.  I also picked up the much talked about MAC lipstick in Watch Me Simmer, a bright pink coral.  I don't know if I have the sass to pull it off, but we're definitely going to try!

What have you been hauling this month?  Any collections catching your eye?  How many days can you make it into the month before your beauty budget is blown?  And if you have any ideas on what you'd like me to talk about in this space, sound off in the comments below!

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