25 July 2011

The Untried Diaries: Color Club Fashion Addict

Happy Monday!

Friends, we have a problem - my nail polish collection has BLOWN UP over the past few months. I bought an IKEA Helmer, which is a popular storage unit among nail polish addicts to store my polish, treatments, and nail-related goodies, and was traumatized to realize I had enough polish to nearly fill the Helmer. On a much more personal level, I also have decided I need to re-evaluate my priorities - or, at least, make living a healthy lifestyle more of a priority. I love nail polish, and could converse and blog and paint all day if I had the time. However, I need find a healthier balance in my life, so I joined Weight Watchers to help control my eating, and will be banning myself from shopping for polish, except as my reward for meeting weight goals. I'm still debating how to setup the reward system, but I want to tie my healthy goals to a non-food reward, and of course nail polish was the first thing to jump to mind. A polish for every 5 pounds lost, or a shopping spree every 25 pounds, I'm not sure yet, but stay tuned (and I hope you don't mind I use this blog to keep myself accountable and occasionally go off topic!).

If I'm going to seriously start working through my addiction, what more appropriate place to start than with Color Club Fashion Addict. Fashion Addict is a light lavender holographic polish. This is the first CC polish I've worn, and I promise it will not be the last! Fashion Addict applied smoothly with 2 easy coats; the brush is a little firm, and I did have issues with drag on a few nails because I didn't give it enough time to dry between coats. Don't make the same mistake! It was fully opaque in just one coat, but out of habit I did 2, just to ensure perfection. Take a look!

Fashion Addict in shade (surprising, I know!):

...and here is the holo goodness in sunlight:

...and another amazing shot:

What a fantastic holo! This is so much better than the OPI DS Coronation that I reviewed a few weeks ago. Fashion Addict was released in the Spring 2009 collection and sadly was limited edition. However, there are several available on eBay, or you can also do a search on Google shopping and find a few that are available.

What do you think? Do yo love this holographic polish as much as I do? What holos do you have - any I should be on the lookout for? And how would you suggest I use nail polish as a reward for meeting my healthy living goals? Sound off in the comments!

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