17 December 2011

Chanel Khaki Vert: Mine. Finally!!

 Howdy, strangers!  What’s everyone up to this weekend?  Anything fun, or are people going to the mall to throw elbows and squeeze in last minute shopping?  Folks at the mall are CRA-ZY.  I did all of my shopping online, and anything I thought I might need to go to the mall and buy… well, that person just got re-gifted something from my own stash LOL.  I don’t do malls between Thanksgiving and Christmas, fer sure. 

I’m spending my day studying for the GMAT – less than 2 weeks to test day! – but took a break to give my tips and toes a much-needed polish change.  I decided to put on a longtime lemming, Chanel Khaki Vert.  If you hadn’t heard, Chanel released an extremely limited edition trio of nail polishes for Fashion Night Out 2010 (similar to the Le Jeans collection from this past FNO 2011) called Les Khakis de Chanel.  Google it, ya’ll – the collection was hot and sold out like crazy.  Sadly, I was not collection nail polish at the time, but as soon as I saw swatches of these, I had to have them.  A few weeks ago I found a lovely lady who was selling her collection, and while I paid a little more than retail for these babies, it was totally worth it!

Khaki Vert is a green creme with very strong warm tones.  Seriously, it’s like, the most perfect army green ever.  Especially when you pair it with the other 2 colors from the collection (which I will sometime in the future), it seriously looks like army fatigue camouflage exploded on your fingers.  I may need to remember this next time I go drinking near an army base and want to snag a man in uniform… LOL!  Here’s a look!


I’m totally loving this mani!  Sadly, Khaki Vert is no longer available, nor would I recommend anyone pay the ridiculous prices on eBay.  However, now that I have a bottle of my own, I’ll keep my eye out for similar polishes so that I can recommend polishes at reasonable prices that may help cure this lemming for you!


  1. this is so pretty!! love these kinds of colors

  2. a good army green is so hard to find. tried an essie version and it was fugly.